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Henry is a team assistant that helps manager gather continuous feedback to stay in the know and better support their team.
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With Henry you as a manager can...

Save time and spot issues early

Henry makes it possible for managers to work smarter and spot issues early by gathering, analysing and summarizing continuous team feedback for them.

Increase employee engagement

With Henry managers are able source team feedback, see the needs of each team member and truly coach them.

Boost performance and efficiency

Keep your team in sync and work aligned, with Henry it’s simple to remove the hurdles of internal communication.

What Henry can do for you and your team

Create a continuous feedback loop

Henry gathers team feedback automatically from each team member and helps you stay in the know on everyone in your team is doing, and which issues they are facing. It takes less than a minute to respond to the weekly check-in and it offers you unique insight into your team.


👋 Sara! How has this week at work been?


Hey Henry! It has been an okay week. I feel really stressed and I doubt we will be able to reach our goals for this month’s campaign.


Top of the morning, Sam! What will you be focusing on today?


I will be finishing up the mock-ups for our new landing page 🙌


Cool! Is anything blocking you?

Helping your team stay in sync with
daily stand-ups

With daily stand-up’s your team can stay in sync and increase productivity. It is also a great way to help each team member improve their focus and performance.

Make it easy to celebrate wins

With Henry, it’s easy to celebrate wins and elevate team members who have done a good job. With a few key strokes, you can boost team moral and strengthen your own internal culture.


Praise @sam for an outstanding job with the new website!


Sure thing, I’ll let Sam know. Thanks for sharing praise!


I have a question from Sara. How did you feel after the company retreat?

This question is anonymous

Energized! Really glad we got to know people from across the company.

Gather team feedback on any question you would like

You will be able to gather team feedback on any question you would like and at any frequency, making it perfect way to gather status updates or doing basic reporting.
You can also choose if you want the question to be anonymous or not.

Not all teams need every feature Henry has to offer - so we made it easy to customize Henry after your team and their need.

Intelligent reporting

Get simple and intuitive reports based on real-time insights.
Now you can understand your team with real data instead of relying on guesswork.


Hi folks! Here are the answers from your daily stand-up 🌅

What will you do today?

Just finished planning. Now I will work on completing the things in our backlog.

Is there anything blocking you?

not today!

What you worked on on Tuesday

Work a bit on natural language understanding, play some guitar, workout, and chill.

Did you accomplish what you intended on Tuesday?

Indeed I did


Hey team! Here is a summary of who has received praise over the last week 🚀

To Sam
From Tommy

Praise Sam for being kind to his robot underlings.

From Greta

Contributing to the team everyday!

Taking initative during the design/developer hand-offs.

To Alex
From Lisa

Awesome job during the weekend hackathon!

From Tommy

Always reminding the team to excersice


Good morning Alex! Most of the team have expressed their concern regarding some ongoing projects. I've taken the liberty to summarize the information for you.

Are there any projects you are currently concerned about?

Yes 70%
No 30%
These are their concerns arrow_forward


What is going on in your team

Henry will gather team feedback, analyse it and notify you to help you quickly see how your team is performing.


What is affecting performance or engagement

With intelligent follow ups Henry will make sure to source feedback from each team member that helps you better understand potential issues.


Understand how you as a manager can help

Work smarter with team development and see each person’s needs enabling you to coach each team member in a scalable way.

Simple and personal conversations instead of tedious survey’s, emails and meetings.

With Henry sharing team feedback is more pleasant, more efficent and more engaging for everyone in your team.


Make sharing feedback a regular process




Improving communication

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